Welcome to the section of the REACH Network for managers at I-CHARP implementation sites.

This provides resources to support middle managers as clinical leaders in implementing I-CHARP. It includes discussion forums for you to engage with other managers in a Community of Practice about I-CHARP implementation.

Leading the implementation of I-CHARP in a middle management role will draw on many of the abilities required of leaders and managers in residential aged care in general.

By using I-CHARP as an initial focus for collaborative engagement with managers in residential aged care, we hope to be able to support the development of a broader Community of Practice about clinical leadership in residential aged care.

 In I-CHARP, we define a middle manager as a person employed in an administrative, managerial or supervisory position in residential aged care whose role involves, but is not limited, to:

  • ensuring quality and safety of care
  • being responsible for the ongoing assessment and care planning for residents
  • supervising nursing staff or care workers involved in the delivery of clinical care.

Therefore, the term “middle managers” relates to a set of activities, responsibilities and accountabilities. It does not align directly to profession, titles, positions, grading, remuneration, Awards or other industrial instruments.. 


You should familiarise yourself with the information in the REACH Network site that is open to the public as well as the content provided to clinicians. The clinician section of the site includes the clinician training materials. This provides an introduction to I-CHARP as well as information about the activities involved in delivering I-CHARP.

Although I-CHARP clinicians and managers can view content in both sections of the Community of Practice, the discussion forums in each section are only accessible to either managers or clinicians.

This part of the REACH Network is intended to support you in your role as a middle manager in an I-CHARP implementation site. In this Community of Practice, you will find information that is intended to be useful to you in leading and managing the I-CHARP implementation.  It has been organised around four areas:

  • Middle managers and the CoP: here you will find information about how we define middle managers, why middle managers are so important to I-CHARP, how a Community of Practice functions and how you are enacting clinical leadership in implementing I-CHARP. 
  • Clinical Leadership – an essential enabler of I-CHARP: information is presented to encourage you to explore what it means to be a clinical leader who is a middle manager and how leadership is required to optimise the successful implementation of I-CHARP.  
  • Applying Clinical leadership to I-CHARP implementation: this section considers how I-CHARP implementation is evidence-based practice and your role in translating evidence into practice. It explores those aspects of the Aged Care Leadership Capabilty Framework that are most pertinent to I-CHARP.
  • Anticipating and responding to challenges: I-CHARP is more than a series of interventions, it is a new model of care. While we cannot be sure of what the changes might be, we are certain there will be some changes in the care home. These will require your stewardship as a clinical leader. In this section of the Community of Practice, we will share ideas about how to manage change associated with I-CHARP in the care home.

Using the discussion forumS

Discussion forums are interactive places for participants in the site to engage with each other about the content of the site. It is how we come together as a community to learn with and from each other. Discussion forums provide a mechanism to explore questions and challenges and propose solutions to them. Each page of this I-CHARP Managers’ Community of Practice has a forum for you to discuss you would the page content. There is also a forum for general discussion where you can discuss any issue you would like to raise with the Community of Practice. 

Participants may also suggest additional topics they would like to discuss in relation to I-CHARP -additional discussion forums can be created as needed.